Let yourself be inspired by Charme Productions
for a truly unique experience!

Charme Productions is a new reality conceived by Petite Chérie, the largest independent producer of
Glamor Burlesque & Rétro Style events in Sicily.
We offer exceptional forms of entertainment for any high-quality event and themed weddings, providing professional artists of all kinds.

Meet Petite Chérie

International Burlesque Performer, Producer e Published Pin-Up model

At the head of Charme Productions:
Petite Chérie, an internationally known Italian Burlesque performer, combines classic style and a strong stage presence with grace and refinement, to create an elegant and magical atmosphere capable of giving each show an unmistakable imprint.
Passion, originality and professionalism are her strengths.
Owner and Founder of the splendid International Vintage Home-Art Studio of Europe Château Chérie.
When you attend one of her productions or work with her, you will immediately notice how she puts her heart and soul into everything, the ingredient that makes the difference.
Chérie’s philosophy is to entertain the audience, guiding them by hand into her magical universe.

Golden Glam Room

Gala Show Soirée

An incredible Burlesque Show is coming: the Golden Glam Room.

The event will take place in Palermo,  in the elegant setting of a location in the historic heart of the city: a prestigious choice for an amazing experience in the name of glamour and refinement.

A dream will be staged for you, taking you back to another era.
A unique experience that harmoniously combines burlesque, art and variety that will make you feel intense emotions from the magic of glamour brought to you by extraordinary artists from different continents with countless surprises!

The show is the highlight of the Golden Glam weekend which is part of Petite Cherie’s world tour that will allow the vast international audience to savor the effervescent liveliness of this incredible event.
Be our special spectators and enjoy the seductive magic of this weekend!

Get inspired by Charme Productions

for a truly unique experience

In addition to our public shows, we entertain in private or corporate events around the world.
If you are planning an exclusive meeting, a private party, a bachelor party or a wedding and you want to add a little prestige, with Charme Productions your dreams will come true.
Feel free to contact us.
For bachelorette parties we offer special photo shoots and Burlesque seminars!
Apart from showcase we offer “solo shows, walking shows and cigarette girls”.
Sometimes it’s the little things that make an event special!

The locations are still secret: Do you want to “discover them”?
Soon many other news and curiosities will be revealed!

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Let yourself be transported to a different era, getting lost in a timeless seduction.

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